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Founded by Beroro T. Efekoro on May 7, 2013 in the spirit of youth education, global literacy, and international partnerships and humanitarian services around the world.

The International Organization for Education is a certified 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education and community service organization. We offer mentor-ship, tutoring, scholarships, after school programs and a host of other educational activities for our children and youths to succeed academically, socially and economically. We create a pathway for our teens to successfully transition from high school to college.


Education is a vital instrument for success in this century. But too many of our teenagers are left alone on the streets having nothing to do when they close from school. An estimated 40-60 percent of high school students drop-out before they become seniors. It is even worse in other countries around us, where children are deprived of basic education due to lack of funding. Many children around the world do not have food to eat, clothing to wear, not to mention paying for school or buying school supplies when they have no family nor any means for public assistance.


We believe that together with your help we can fight poverty and give children around the world an opportunity to succeed in life.

(1) Engage students in leadership and humanitarian services to promote education and literacy around the world.

(2) Provide programs that advance competence, enhance understanding and promote personal growth.

(3) Influence students to bring about changes that are needed for a greater generation of leaders, scholars and innovators.

(4) Create a platform for world leaders and educators around the world to work together on achieving the sustainable development goals of the United Nations on education.

Our Core Values Are:

Master the ability to lead yourself and also to lead others.
Recognize and respect others’ leadership qualities.
Represent the organization in a positive light to the world

Communicate appropriately and effectively with others.
Take ownership of your actions and the choices you make.

Team Work:
Value cooperating and partnering with others and strengthening our efforts to serve our communities.


Our Mission is to:

Our founders and members come from all over the world. We look for variety among our members because we believe it makes for a broad and exciting leadership environment.

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