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African Literacy Project

The International Organization for Education is dedicated to ending discrimination against girls in Northern Nigeria. One of our initiatives towards this movement is the African Literacy Project; an academic program and enterprise master-minded to rejuvenate the spirit of reading to succeed in the Northern part of Nigeria, where literacy rate is tremendously very low compared to other parts of the country. As you may already know, terrorism has continued to prevail in Northern Nigeria over the past six years. These acts of terrorism is been perpetrated by the terrorist group Boko Haram; a name which means “Western education is a sin.” We however, believe that western education is a blessing to all humans and not a sin. Children, whether boys or girls have the right to live and to obtain knowledge.
In our effort to reach out to those children who are deprived of education in this part of the world, we have decided to organize the African Literacy Project to promote girl-child education. We want to bring to the knowledge of these teenagers, that early marriage is wrong and uncivilized, it amounts to slavery. We want them to understand that they have brighter future if they are willing and allowed to pursue an education and professional career. The lives of these girls should never have to end in the kitchen.
The African Literacy Project is geared towards the economic independence of girls in Nigeria; also to serve as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations to promote girl-child education. Do something positive, click on button below to make a contribution

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